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Back To (Virtual) Reality: The Rise Of VR In Market Research

In the age of constant innovation, we as consumers and businesses have the opportunity to experience new technologies all the time. More recently, the vintage concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has undergone a renaissance, enabled by vast technological ...

August 2015 / Written by B2B International

Caution: Customer Loyalty Is Fragile

Time to Plug Gaps in the Customer Experience It is common knowledge that customer loyalty is a cornerstone of a successful business. A quick Google search yields millions of hits about the cost of new customer acquisition compared to the cost of reta...

August 2015 / Written by B2B International

Strengthening The Customer Value Proposition

Marketers are constantly challenged to ensure their brand, their product, or their service is the one prospective customers will ultimately choose. Marketers have grown adept at leveraging advertising, PR, direct marketing campaigns and personal sell...

August 2015 / Written by B2B International