Brand Reassurance Matters With Workplace Safety

Brand Reassurance Matters With Workplace Safety

Every year in America alone, around 3.5 million people suffer a non-fatal occupational injury or illness (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Data show that up to 40% of all workplace injuries occur to the hand. Such injuries include cuts, burns, infections and broken bones, as well as skin problems such as dermatitis, redness or even cancer, which can occur when toxic chemicals in the likes of gasoline, solvents, paints, battery acid or anti-freeze come into contact with the skin.

Whatever the nature or cause of the injury, many accidents could be avoided by using the correct type of hand protection. Our research for Ansell, a global leader in manufacturing PPE (personal protection equipment), indicates that a key cause of occupational injuries is poor worker compliance with safety protocols, such as wearing protective clothing. A recent survey of n=350 Health & Safety professionals revealed that a staggering 84% worry about their workers’ safety and 60% feel the need to constantly monitor their workers’ glove wear.

Safety concerns are shared by workers themselves, as a recent survey of n=250 multi-purpose glove wearers revealed that 4 in 10 glove wearers question whether their gloves provide adequate protection – indicating that many employers may be compromising the safety of their employees. Alarmingly, a quarter of workers believe that their company expects them to wear their gloves beyond the point at which they should be replaced.

To increase worker compliance, 44% of companies obtain employee feedback prior to purchasing new hand protection. Brand plays a significant role in providing reassurance to both workers and their managers, as brand is an endorsement of safety, while promising the performance and comfort levels required.

Global brand research conducted for Ansell revealed that, with its HyFlex® range, the brand not only enjoys the highest awareness levels across multi-purpose glove brands, but it is also the most recognized brand for delivering on comfort, performance and safety, hands down.

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