With the convergence of voice and data, allied with the development of new IT and telecommunication solutions, the telecommunications industry has undergone massive changes over the past few years.


Our Telecommunications Market Research Experience

Even with market slow-down, the telecoms industry realises the importance of market research studies to manage risk by targeting investments.

We know the complexities of the different technology issues and how these change from geography to geography.

With research capabilities covering fixed and mobile communications, B2B International has conducted market assessment and new product development research in the following areas:

ISP tariffing, impact of streaming, telephony resellers, telephony IP convergence, virtual internet service providers (VISP), co-location/hosting, VOIP.


Mobile internet, WAP services, m-commerce, SMS services, location-based services (LBS), mobile telemetry.


Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Customized
Our research projects are built from scratch, completely bespoke to your brand and unique challenges.
We Are Impartial
We’ll give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, position in the market and the opportunities available to your brand.
Our Research Is Actionable
We go further than many insight partners by helping clients implement the tactics and strategies recommended by the research.

Telecommunications Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client is a global supplier of telecommunications and wanted to know what services it could add to its business customers to improve its market share.

What We Did

Together with our client we created a comprehensive list of the features which could be added to the telecommunications offer. These were presented to respondents together with a price for the bundle. Respondents were asked to consider lots of different options and prices and choose which best suited their needs. The choices and tradeoffs were analyzed using our Sawtooth conjoint software so that we could recommend the optimum features and price combination.

The optimum bundles and prices were established enabling our client to go to market with the best packages to provide the best outcome. We built simulators to see the effect of changing the features in the bundles and the prices.

Find out how our telecommunications market research can help your business grow
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