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Market Research Chicago

B2B International USA are the world’s leading b2b market research firm, offering a wide range of market research services to clients across every industry vertical in Chicago, the Midwest and beyond. Learn more about the research services we offer, the industries we’ve worked in and the clients we serve from our Chicago market research office below.


B2B International USA - Chicago's Leading Market Research Firm

The Metropolitan area of Chicago is the third largest in the US, and has the fourth largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. The city of Chicago has been rated as having the most balanced economy in the country due to its high level of diversification, and it is an international hub for manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and transportation.


Why we're one of the top market research firms in Chicago

Trusted partner to the world's biggest brands
We count 900+ different companies as clients, including half of the world’s largest 100.
B2B specialists with wide industry experience
We have unrivaled experience having carried out 4,000+ b2b studies across every industry vertical.
Massive global reach
We’ve researched 145+ countries and speak to around 200,000 decision-makers every year.
Empowering brands to grow
We drive action and empower clients to grow through impactful reporting, workshops, simulators, dashboards, infographics and more.

Our Chicago Market Research Services

With offices on N State St in Chicago, on the East Coast, and around the world, our research offering and physical presence are truly international in scope. Our global team of research practitioners partner with our clients to help them assess the nature and size of market opportunities, develop new products, devise go-to-market strategies, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve their brand positioning, and more.

Our Chicago Industry Vertical Expertise

Well-known corporations with global headquarters and regional offices in the area include Boeing, Kraft Foods, McDonald's, United Airlines, Abbott Laboratories, Sears Holdings, W.W. Grainger, ITW (Illinois Tool Works), and many more. With a broad client portfolio of over 600 companies, B2B International is the leading business-to-business market research agency that caters to large organizations operating in all industries across the world.

Our Chicago Clients

Our clients include some of the biggest brands in the financial services, food and beverage, energy, automotive, pharmaceutical, and electronics sectors, as well as hundreds of other business-to-business markets.

Our B2B International USA Chicago Office

B2B International USA Inc.

515 N. State, 22nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60654, United States

Call Us: +1 872 204 4533

E-mail Us: chicago@b2binternational.com

If you are looking for specialist business-to-business market research in Chicago, please get in touch to talk about your requirements
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