The engineering industry is one of the most diverse in the world. It is critical you work with the right market research company.

With our focus on companies making components that are assembled into mechanical or electromechanical finished products, we deliver the insights our clients need in this highly specialized area.


Our Engineering Market Research Experience

The engineering industry is an unusual vertical. It spans many other industry sectors – from chemicals, oil & gas, food & drink and manufacturing, through to pulp, paper and packaging.

B2B International’s roots are in the engineering industry. With our successful history in rubber, wire and metal rod manufacturing, we have time-served experience in engineering sectors and our research ranges from markets as diverse as train components, bearings and centrifugal pumps, through to turbo-generators, pumps, boilers, and packaging machinery.

As a mature vertical, the engineering industry comprises sectors with excellent trade associations, so there is a good deal of published data available. At B2B International, we focus on researching market size, market shares and the route to market, and we have carried out a number of studies seeking new markets in new geographic locations for new products.


Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Custom
Our research programs are developed from the ground up, completely custom to your specific business needs and challenges.
We Are Independent
We’ll give you an honest assessment of where your business is strong and weak, your position in the market and the opportunities available to take advantage of.
Our Findings Are Actionable
We go further than many insight partners by helping clients action the tactical and strategic changes recommended by the research.

Engineering Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client is a manufacturer of filters that are used in many applications in power plants. However, its penetration of air filters in gas turbine plants was small and it wanted to develop this opportunity.

What We Did

We carried out desk research to understand the number and type of gas turbine plants throughout the US. The desk research also provided considerable insights on the competition. Depth telephone interviews were carried out with 40 power plants using gas turbines across the US and these helped us understand what prompts an energy company to choose a particular supplier of filters and / or to change supplier.

With an understanding of the size of the market, its growth prospects (which were high) and the buying behavior of energy plants, the filter manufacturer was able to develop a marketing plan to quickly penetrate the market.

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