The transport industry is under pressure. It is a huge cost in most manufactured products. Companies that used to simply deliver products are meeting the challenge by turning into global logistics organizations.


Our Transport and Logistics Market Research Experience

For instance, the sea and rail transport sectors exhibit a high degree of concentration relative to the highly fragmented road transport sector.

B2B International has carried out a wide range of market research projects for a variety of companies within the transport sector. Over the last two years alone, we have conducted research into:

  • Flight guide software
  • Freight forwarding
  • In-car telematics
  • Train test center market assessment
  • Hauliers’ propensity to bundle oil products, i.e. fuels, lubes, plus associated services, such as cards, fleet management, oils analysis application support, etc
  • Concessionaire relationship research – retail, financial services, car parks throughout most major UK airports – Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted


Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Custom
Our research projects are developed from the ground up, completely unique to meet your specific business needs and challenges.
We Are Independent
We’ll give you an honest assessment of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, your position in the market and the opportunities available to your business.
Our Insights Are Actionable
We go further than many insight partners by helping clients make the most out of the research by providing consultancy on how to implement the recommended changes.

Transport and Logistics Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client is a global player in parcels delivery. It wanted to find out more about the buying decision for their services, believing that it is often made at a relatively low level within a company. Following on from this it wanted to understand the factors that resulted in the choice of a logistics company.

What We Did

We carried out qualitative research to confirm who chooses the logistics company. In many small and medium enterprises we found out that the decision was often made by office managers or reception staff. A quantitative survey carried out online of more than 1000 users of parcel delivery companies enabled us to segment the market according to quite different drivers and needs.

Our client sharpened its communication, targeting five different segments that were identified as having quite different needs. As a result communications and promotions were more effective and market share increased significantly.

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