The education sector has changed considerably in the last 10 years, resulting in a highly competitive global market. To succeed in such conditions, education providers are increasingly turning to market research to ensure they are in tune with market forces and responsive to the changing needs of students, now and in the years to come.


Our Experience In Education Research

Nearly 20 years’ experience in carrying out education market research helps us to bring vast amounts of knowledge and expertise from across the sector.

While every client’s objective is unique, our understanding of the structure and challenges of the education sector means we can quickly grasp your problem or issue, however complex.
Pricing and proposition development

Creating a differentiated offer at the optimum price point for all educational products.

Customer satisfaction

Includes both buyers and product users/teachers across all levels of the organization. We carry out ad hoc studies and tracking studies.

Student satisfaction

Includes both students and learners in areas such as qualifications and resources.

Developing products

Concept and product development and testing in all areas such as qualifications, qualification support and training.


Firmographic, behavioral and needs-based segmentation of students, staff and other stakeholders.

Market assessment and opportunities

Discovering opportunities in new geographies, establishing market sizes, identifying decision-making processes and scenario forecasting.

Branding and communications

Covering the entire process including establishing brand values, identifying key decision-makers, developing and testing appropriate messages and communications.

Consulting with stakeholders

Includes current and potential students, alumni, staff across all levels of the organization, businesses as employers, funders, governors and policy makers.


Organizations We Work With In The Education Sector

Awarding bodies

Helping awarding bodies to comply with government regulations and guidelines and to remain competitive in the market by delivering invaluable market insight on the challenges and issues being faced.


Course and learning material developers need to keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to understanding the needs of both learners and those delivering education. B2B International can help publishers identify market needs and test new materials and resources ahead of publication.

Educational institutions

Providers of private and public sector training and education operate in a highly competitive environment. B2B International offers a vast range of services aimed at delivering crucial insights to help identify your market position and establishing new opportunities for generating revenue.

Policy makers

Successful implementation of policy changes relies on stakeholder consultation. B2B International has the expertise and experience to consult openly with stakeholders at any level, helping to understand the needs of the market and the likely reaction to changes in policy.


Why Should You Choose B2B International?

Our Research Is Customized
None of our reports are off-the-shelf. Our studies are built from the ground up and completely custom to the needs of your business. They do not get shared with anyone else.
We’re Impartial
We’ll approach the research brief objectively and provide an honest appraisal of the outcomes together with our recommendations.
Our Research Is Designed To Drive Action
Make use of our B2B Advisory services to get the most out of your research. We help you to put strategic plans into place and implement tactical changes that arise from the research.

Stakeholders We Research In The Education Sector

The education sector is complex and consists of many different players. Below are examples of stakeholders we can consult and engage with:
Market Shapers and Decision-Makers

Market shapers – Management teams and policy makers responsible for shaping education in the private and public sector.

Education decision makers – Senior and departmental management teams responsible for selecting awarding bodies, qualifications, and resource suppliers.

Teachers, Lecturers and Learners

Teachers and lecturers – those responsible for delivering education. These people are frequently key decision influencers.

Learners – students in or considering education.

Support Material Providers

Organizations creating and providing learning materials and resources.


Those in HR and staff development roles looking for training and education for employees.


Areas We've Researched In Education

We’ve carried out projects covering the whole education sector, from alumni research and business schools to examination boards and new course opportunities. To view the complete list of areas we’ve researched in the education sector, click below to view the graphic.

Find out how our education market research can help your organization grow