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B2B International is a global, full-service market research firm dedicated to researching business-to-business markets. We help clients to make smarter decisions driven by exclusive insights, empowering them to grow

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We are B2B International – a global, full-service market research firm specializing in researching B2B markets. We help our clients achieve their business goals by making smarter decisions driven by insights.

B2B International is part of a consortium of world-class B2B agencies who came together to form Merkle B2B. Being a Merkle B2B company allows us to deliver the world’s first end-to-end, fully-integrated B2B solution.

Our one promise? To architect the ultimate B2B customer experiences.

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900+ clients including half of the world’s largest 100.
4,000+ B2B research programs resulting in the best practices in B2B.
Deep industry knowledge researching 21 industry verticals and 200,000 professionals annually.
Global footprint; 145+ countries researched spanning 45 languages.
Client first, quality obsessed, flexible and responsive, with an NPS score of 67.
Customer satisfaction starts from the inside out; 92% staff retention rate, with less than half the industry churn rate.

What We Do

Every study we conduct is built from the ground up and tailored to meet the unique objectives and needs of the client. The business challenges our research can help with include understanding and measuring new market opportunities, testing concepts for new products and services, evaluating existing product and service offerings, delivering a better customer experience, repositioning your brand and creating engaging thought leadership content to use in your marketing.
Customer Research & Segmentation
Product, Proposition & Pricing Research
Markets & Opportunities Research
Brand & Communications Research
Thought Leadership Research

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We take pride in putting our customers front and center; committed to understanding their business objectives and how we can help them achieve them through tailored research programs. Don’t just take our word for it…


Our Industry Experience

Three of the most important questions our clients ask of us are…

“Have you researched my market?”, “How well do you understand my industry” and “Can you reach my target audience?”

At B2B International, we specialize in researching complex and niche markets, and reaching hard-to-reach audiences. We have covered every industry sector in every corner of the world including Technology, Professional Services, Construction and Healthcare. Click here to find out about our experience in your sector:



Our Office Locations

Although we provide dedicated research services virtually, we are a global company in terms of the research we carry out and our on-the-ground presence.

Click on any of the office locations below to contact a research team near you:

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