The chemical sector is one of the largest on the planet, consisting of a small number of very large companies and many smaller, specialized suppliers. Never a week goes by without us researching some aspect of the global chemical sector.


Our Experience In The Chemical Sector

In almost 20 years of researching the chemical industry, we have acquired an incredible amount of practical, category-specific experience.

We understand that every organization and project is unique, but it’s reassuring to know that we’re familiar with your particular industry and challenges. As a result, we can get straight to work on your brief without the need for an introduction on the basics on your market.
Equipment & supplies
Oil rigs and platforms, drilling muds, health and safety equipment and services.
Inorganic chemicals
Silicon (and silicone), expoxies, chlorine, salt, soda ash, sodium bicarbonates and catalysts.
Licensing technology
Polyethylene and gas absorption.
Organic chemicals
Petrochemicals (upstream and downstream), polyethylene, lubricants, polymers and gases.

How we can help

Effective distribution.
Developing messages that resonate and effective routes for communications.
Customer satisfaction
Delivering superior customer experience and achieving high levels of customer loyalty.
Customer value propositions
Developing CVPs to differentiate commodity products and services.
Market assessment
Discovering opportunities in new geographies, establishing market sizes and forecasting scenarios.
New product development
Developing both product and service offerings.
Identifying segments based on firmographics, behavior and needs.

Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Customized

Our research programs are built from scratch, completely custom to your brand and unique requirements.

We Are Impartial

We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses, market position and the opportunities available to your brand.

Our Research Is Actionable

We go further than many insight partners by helping clients implement the tactics and strategies recommended by the research.


Audiences We Research In The Chemical Sector

The best research starts with speaking to the right people. As experts in B2B market research, getting access to the relevant chemical sector target audiences is our specialty.

Data quality, whether it be from online, telephone or face-to-face, is of the utmost importance to the work we do. Below are some examples of the audiences we can speak to:
Buyers & specifiers
We know how to access the people who make purchase decisions for equipment and supplies. These include health and safety, technical and procurement personnel as well as senior management. They could be based in head offices, on oil rigs or in temporary offices in the far-off corners of the world. Interviews are typically conducted by telephone or online.
Distributors and merchants are crucial in the distribution of chemicals. They figure often in our studies as they play a vital role in moving chemicals to small and medium-size firms. Interviews with this group are mainly carried out by telephone.
Manual workers
There are times when the views of people on the ground who do the job are needed. They know whether products work, and while they may not purchase them, they can certainly influence whether or not they are purchased and used. This group can be hard to access as they are not sitting in an office. We will use the telephone and if necessary paper questionnaires. We will also meet them in person with a clipboard in hand.
Senior decision makers
Groups such as directors, VPs and company owners may not directly order products themselves, but they certainly influence the decision, especially if the cost or strategic-importance is high. Accessing these audiences isn’t easy but it is possible with the correct approach. The telephone is the most popular means of interviewing these people.

Areas We've Researched In Chemicals

We’ve conducted studies spanning the entire chemical sector, from commodities to specialty chemicals and from gases to the packages that contain them. To view the complete list of areas we’ve researched in the chemical sector, click below to view the graphic.

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