Customer Journey Mapping is a means of becoming more customer centric by better understanding and improving the customer experience.


Our approach

At every stage throughout the customer journey there are a number of positive and negative brand perceptions and interactions which are shaped by each touchpoint with the customer. The goal of Customer Journey Mapping is to identify these many touchpoints, several of which are underestimated in terms of their impact on the customer experience.

With an understanding of all touchpoints with customers – from brand communications to interaction with employees and representatives of the brand, to the purchase and use of products and services – it will be possible to recognize which interactions are the most important and where improvements are required.

Customer Journey Mapping is often based on the knowledge of internal stakeholders within the organization as well as on feedback from Voice of the Customer research. B2B International’s simple five-step process is shown below with the example of an airline brand.


Step 1: Plot the key milestones within the journey

These should be itemized in chronological order, from brand awareness through to drivers of return customers.


Step 2: List all the touchpoints within each category

These are the columns showing the many different types of contact points with the potential, current or lapsed customer.


Step 3: Identify the important moments of truth

These are important touchpoints with the customer that can have a positive or negative impact on the perception of, or relationship with, the brand. Up to 4 levels of moments of truth (from important to critically important) are usually identified.


Step 4: Identify the areas of satisfaction

These are the touchpoints at which the brand performs well (from the customer’s perspective). This is important for maintaining customer satisfaction and for recognizing potential points of differentiation.


Step 5: Identify the pain points

These are the touchpoints at which the customer is likely to experience frustrations or negative emotions. These require attention in order that the causes of dissatisfaction and defection can be addressed.


An additional output of B2B International’s Customer Journey Mapping is a diagram synthesizing the important touchpoints, areas of satisfaction and pain points, all in one framework allowing for easy dissemination across our Client’s team. Effective for both b2b and consumer markets, this straightforward Customer Journey Mapping process drives action and leads to a positive impact on the bottom line.

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