We understand that, before commissioning market research with us, you might need reassurance as to the work we have done previously. With this in mind, we have included a small selection of our client case studies below. In addition to the case studies shown below, there are also a number of other case studies dotted around the website.

If you require some more information on the work we have done previously in your areas of interest, or simply want to chat to us about how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch.

Launching a new product in the construction trade

Research categories: Construction and Trade Industry | New Product Development (NPD) Research | Market Sizing & Opportunity Research

Business Challenge: Our client is a manufacturer of sealants used by window and sidings installers. The market has regional differences with a greater use of these products in the North West of the US and the Eastern Seaboard. We needed to find out whether a new product would be readily accepted by the construction trade.

What We Did: We carried out a series of “clinics” in areas of heavy use. We wanted to observe traits people using the sealants and for this purpose we constructed mock window and sidings installations. Trades people were invited to the clinics and given tasks to perform. They were observed as they worked on the mock installations and a team of researchers posed questions and obtained “a stream of consciousness” during these tasks. Delegates took part in a focus group debrief before they were released.

Outcome: The new product was successful. Our client’s marketing team had early insights into messages that resonated with the people buying the new product. They also made modifications to the packaging and instructions.


Launching a Masters conversion course

Research categories: Education Industry | New Product Development (NPD) Research | Market Sizing & Opportunity Research


Business Challenge: Our client is a premier university in the north-east of the US. It wanted to offer a one-year Masters conversion course for engineers which would help them become more desirable in the work place. The research had to show the most appropriate design of the course and the communication messages that would make it of interest to engineers with a first degree.

What We Did: We carried interviews with undergraduates and qualified engineers using an online panel. 300 fifteen minute interviews were completed to test the ideal content of the course.

Outcome: The conversion course was launched with great success, proving to have considerable appeal amongst engineers as it helped them gain employment and also raised their earning capabilities.

A head for engineering components

Research categories: Engineering Industry | Market Sizing & Opportunity Research

Business Challenge: Our client is a manufacturer of filters that are used in many applications in power plants. However, its penetration of air filters in gas turbine plants was small and it wanted to develop this opportunity.

What We Did: We carried out desk research to understand the number and type of gas turbine plants throughout the US. The desk research also provided considerable insights on the competition. Depth telephone interviews were carried out with 40 power plants using gas turbines across the US and these helped us understand what prompts an energy company to choose a particular supplier of filters and or to change supplier.

Outcome: With an understanding of the size of the market, its growth prospects (which were high) and the buying behavior of energy plants, the filter manufacturer was able to develop a marketing plan to quickly penetrate the market.


Scanning the market

Research categories: Healthcare Industry | Usage & Attitude (U&A) Research


Business Challenge: Our client is a manufacturer of sophisticated scanning equipment used in hospitals and medical centers throughout the US. This equipment is expensive to buy and once installed, there is a high level of preference to stay with the incumbent because of staff training, software familiarity, and their experience with service backup etc. The challenge is how to break the incumbent preference.

What We Did: We carried out an online survey of almost 200 specifiers, influencers and users to find out their views on the different brands of equipment available to them. We learned of the key influences and drivers of their decisions. We found out what values hospitals and medical centers attached to the different brands of equipment.

Outcome: All scanners do a good job in their different ways. Our survey showed that the brand of the scanner is important in determining which is bought. Some of the soft and emotional attributes of the brands were critical to the specification and our client learned which of these to use and who to target them at.

Back office processors

Research categories: IT Industry | Usage & Attitude (U&A) Research

Business Challenge: Our client is a supplier of back office processes supplied to some of the largest enterprises in the US. Decision making on which back office processors to use is taken at a high level within companies. Getting hold of decision makers to interview them and find out their views is a challenge.

What We Did: This was a survey focused solely on the US. The availability of large and reliable online panels is at its best within the US and we were able to obtain over 100 online interviews with senior managers in enterprises. Careful screening ensured that we only spoke to individuals within companies that were in our client’s target market.

Outcome: Superficially we found that respondents had high levels of awareness of different potential suppliers but knew little about them in depth. The brand of the supplier proved to be one of the most important determinants as to whether a company was positioned in “the consideration set”. We were able to show the brand values that should be communicated to win business in this complex industry.


Delivering market share

Research categories: Transport and Logistics Industry | Usage & Attitude (U&A) Research

Business Challenge: Our client is a global player in parcels delivery. It wanted to find out more about the buying decision for their services, believing that it is often made at a relatively low level within a company. Following on from this it wanted to understand the factors that resulted in the choice of a logistics company.

What We Did: We carried out qualitative research to confirm who chooses the logistics company. In many small and medium enterprises we found out that the decision was often made by office managers or reception staff. A quantitative survey carried out online of more than 1000 users of parcel delivery companies enabled us to segment the market according to quite different drivers and needs.

Outcome: Our client sharpened its communication, targeting five different segments that were identified as having quite different needs. As a result communications and promotions were more effective and market share increased significantly.