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What Others Have Said About Us

We were very pleased with the work done and impressed with the quick turnaround of the job on a very tight deadline...I would use B2B International again.

AXA Insurance

We implemented many new communication, learning and relationship building tools as a result of your work with us - these have been very successful and satisfaction levels are probably at their highest ever levels.

Air Products

I wanted to thank you all for an absolutely magnificent presentation! We really have a solid plan of action that will certainly lead to increased sales for WD-40 Company.


The level of engagements you were able to achieve in terms of the number of target people who responded, the time spent in discussion, and the quality of the discussions that took place was well beyond our expectation.


What B2B have done with this initial study is show the value in a multi-layered, well constructed range of approaches delivered in a clear and coherent manner with solid recommendations.


We achieved considerable added value from the perspectives provided on both the findings and their implications which we wouldn't have if we had limited their access to understanding our business needs.


The guidance and recommendations we received were most helpful, resulting in a great response from US management. At all stages we felt well taken care of and informed.


The quality of work was excellent and the level of insight gained has been very well received. B2B International’s expertise has proven to have guided us in the right direction and we are now reaping the rewards.


We had very good results from B2B International in several projects involving focus groups in two countries and multiple sessions per country.

Dow Chemical