There comes a time when every company needs professional services. That is why the sector has such scope for market research.


Our Professional Services and Business Services Market Research Experience

At B2B International, we have carried out market research for a wide variety of professional services firms, including legal and financial companies, accountants, professional bodies and management consultants.
Areas We've Researched
  • Commercial due diligence
  • New product development
  • Customer intimacy research
  • Researching the needs of lawyers and bankers regarding business recovery services
  • Research to determine attitudes to the Land Registry’s service going on-line in the UK

Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Custom
Our research projects are built from the ground up, completely custom to your business and specific needs.
We Are Independent
We’ll give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, position in the market and the opportunities available to your business.
Our Research Is Actionable
We go further than many insight partners by helping clients implement the tactics and strategies recommended by the research.

Professional and Business Services Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client publishes a highly regarded journal read by chemical engineers. It wanted to know how to expand its readership in China.

What We Did

We carried out desk research to show the numbers of people working in the chemical engineering industry in China and also to assess the current market for journals and periodicals within this sector. We followed with over 200 interviews with chemical engineers to find out their readership of different journals and their likelihood of subscribing to a specialist chemical engineering journal in the English language.

Chinese engineers are hungry for as much intelligence as they can obtain and the opportunities for the journal were considerable. We were able to point to different sectors and types of companies which would be most likely to subscribe to such a journal.

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