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From newspaper advertising in the 17th century through to the dawn of the internet, the advertising industry has never been as diverse as it is today.


Our Media, Advertising and Publishing Market Research Experience

One lesson we have learned from all the advertising effectiveness research we have done over the years is that media advertising – in the traditional sense – no longer carries the gravitas it used to.

New media means that traditional media, including print and TV, have suffered. Given they have had such a large share of the communications market in the past it is inevitable that they are the losers, currently.

It is important to remind ourselves that these traditional media tended to be the most expensive aspects of the communication mix. Digital media is generally less expensive, even though embryonic and uncertain. Print publication titles have embraced the internet to enhance their overall media footprint, but have they done so at the risk of their core businesses? The battle between the different the types of media is intensifying and business managers are bombarded by communications. Is it any surprise they are dazed and confused?


Areas We’ve Researched in Media and Advertising

B2B International has extensive experience in television, radio, print, publishing, direct mail, interactive, digital and cross-media research. Whether testing the price sensitivity of your advertising spend in newspapers, or testing the effectiveness of your latest direct marketing campaign throughout the US, we can help.


Why You Should Choose B2B International

Our Research Is Bespoke
Our research programs are developed from scratch, completely unique to your specific business requirements.
We Are Impartial
We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses, market position and the opportunities you can take advantage of.
Our Insights Are Actionable
We go further than many insight partners by helping clients implement the tactical and strategic changes recommended by the findings.

Media, Advertising and Publishing Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client manufactures a commodity product – industrial gases. It was launching a media campaign to build interest in a new product and there were different views in the advertising agency and the company’s internal communications team as to which advert should be used. It was decided to test the adverts independently.

What We Did

The adverts were shown to around 50 buyers of industrial gases who were asked to rate them on relevance, interest and “stopability”. Interviews were carried out on the telephone at which time respondents viewed the adverts on our secure website. Care was taken to rotate the adverts to ensure no bias was created by the order in which they were shown.

The advert which was preferred was not one of those favored by our client’s communication team or its agency. The advert featured the product and its inventor and told a story of how the product works and what it could do for the customer. It wasn’t the most artistic of the ads but its impact and call to action was much higher than the more “creative solutions”. The advert ran and ran with great success for more than a year.

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