The term healthcare refers to the services we receive from health professionals, the care of the elderly in nursing homes, and the drugs and related services that help maintain and restore the health of our bodies and minds. We have a team of specialist market researchers trained to deliver world-class studies on healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators and patients.


Our Experience In Healthcare Market Research

We have been researching healthcare markets for 20 years and spoken to general practitioners, healthcare assistants, nurses, patients, pharmacists and specialists.

We have experience in speaking to critical decision makers including those who run nursing homes, dental offices, hospitals, clinics and medical centers. We know their language and how to interpret their answers.
Equipment and supplies
We research every type of equipment, from oxygen to gloves to scanners.
Our experience in pharmaceuticals is outlined in the infographic below.
Pharmacy and channel
We research many different products and services sold through pharmacies and over the counter.
We have researched many of the services used by the healthcare sector such as insurance, drug testing and publications.

Opportunities We Assess

B2B International can assess all types of opportunities:
Assessing the front-of-mind unprompted awareness of brands and the interest and consideration of different brands when purchasing drugs and equipment.
Evaluating the effectiveness of prescription drug, over the counter product and medical equipment distribution.
Developing effective communications and establishing the best media for these communications.
Customer satisfaction
Looking at the satisfaction of buyers and specifiers with the products and services they purchase and use.
Customer value propositions
Understanding what people look for and need from the products and services they purchase.
Market assessment
Assessing market sizes, the competitive environment and the opportunities available for medical products and services in new geographies and markets.
New product development
Idea and concept generation for new products and services including prototype testing.
Identifying and evaluating segments based on demographics, psychographics, behavior and needs.

Why You Should Choose B2B International

We have the experience

Over the last two decades we have researched more than 30 different treatments, spoken to thousands of patients and many hundreds of healthcare professionals. We understand the difficulties of getting through to the right person and have built a database of the very best contacts.

We have the best interviewers

Speaking to healthcare professionals needs a specialist unit who understand medical terminology. We have interviewers with vast experience in both telephone and face-to-face interviews as well as skilled moderators capable of running focus groups and in-depth interviews.

We take quality seriously

In addition to our market research industry accreditations, we are also members of specialist healthcare research associations. Our expert market research interviewers have undergone extensive training programs and are continually assessed and monitored.


Audiences We Research In The Healthcare Sector

We understand how important it is to interview the right person. As the experts in business-to-business research, accessing the right person is our specialty.

Data quality is of crucial importance to us – whether it’s by telephone, online or face-to-face. Below are just a few examples of the audiences we can access:
Hospital administrators

Chief executives, healthcare board members, prescribing/pharmaceutical advisors and public health specialists.


Including but not limited to: cancer patients, diabetes patients, epilepsy patients, osteoarthritis patients, Parkinson’s patients and psychiatric patients.

Primary care

General practitioners, practice managers, practice nurses and retail pharmacists.

Secondary care

Attending physicians, consultants, fellows, hospital management, hospital pharmacists, orderly attendants, residents, secondary care nurses.


Areas We’ve Researched In Healthcare

We’ve carried out projects covering the whole healthcare spectrum, from ADHD and Asthma to Respiratory and Rheumatoid Arthritis. To see the complete list of areas we’ve researched in the healthcare sector, click below to view the graphic.

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