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International and Domestic Markets

Global market research specialists

There was once a time when companies strived to become nationally recognized leaders in their field. Today, everyone’s going global. Even companies who focus predominantly on their home market cannot ignore potential opportunities in other countries.

Consequently, market research has ‘gone global’ over the past decade too, with clients increasingly asking us to consider different geographies. However unlike many market research companies who responded to the global trend by sourcing myriad partners in far-flung places, B2B International has established research operations across the world.


Why we are different

With offices across three continents, ours is a genuine international market research offering:
  • Multi-lingual teams who are ‘close to the action’ – they have an in-depth understanding of local markets.
  • A larger team in multiple locations massively reduces our need to outsource elements of your project – this keeps research in-house and helps to ensure quality and validity of data, producing more meaningful findings for you.
  • Whatever the hour, there’s almost always someone in our company at work – we have all time zones covered, ensuring we are ultra-efficient and responsive.

Our experience

Our name says it all. So if you are looking for a company to conduct international market research, you have definitely found the right people! Not only is our business to business research experience unparalleled, the vast majority of projects we undertake are now international in nature.

Almost every country you can name has been scrutinized by us in some capacity: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between. And we don’t just focus on single geographies. Multi-country projects, which assess several countries in conjunction, are a particular strength of ours.


Our services

While our entire range of research services is offered in each geographical area, certain techniques or research methodologies are not always appropriate for every country or target audience. Regardless of this, we always work with you to find the best research solution for your specific requirements and budget.

Know more. Work with an international market research specialist.
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