The Power of Storytelling in Research

Have you ever had to read a detailed research report full of facts, figures and charts? Do you find it hard to engage with and impossible to remember the moment you step away?

If so, it’s likely the data was missing one key ingredient – a coherent story.

Such is the importance of storytelling in research; it has shot straight to the top of the list of skills required for today’s analysts and researchers.

Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains are hardwired to understand and remember stories. It takes a great deal more effort to remember a series of facts and figures than it does a short story.

Storytelling is the key to delivering insights with impact.

So, what can researchers do to learn and embrace this essential skill?

Our very own Nik Werk, Research Director in our New York office, answered this very question in a recently published article for Quirk’s magazine.

Nik takes an in-depth look at how researchers can add more value to their data, and in turn deliver engaging and memorable insights that decision makers can quickly understand and act upon.

Click the link below to access the latest edition of Quirk’s magazine and Nik’s article on page 26.

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