How the COVID-19 Crisis is Impacting Supply Chains

How the COVID-19 Crisis is Impacting Supply Chains

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause unimaginable devastation across the world. Millions of lives have already been affected and the strength of the global economy hangs in the balance.

This turmoil means markets are shifting by the second and businesses face huge pressure as they prepare their response.

Supply chains are among the most impacted as workforce shortages coincide with increased demand.

In our latest article, Mark Tuinstra takes an in-depth look at the true impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and what businesses are doing to navigate the crisis. The article covers:

  • The impact of workforce shortages on supply chain management
  • The impact of panic-buying on the food manufacturing and retail sectors
  • The impact of increased demand on logistics networks
  • The challenges with serving the healthcare industry
  • How businesses are preparing for future supply chain challenges

The full article has been published on our global blog and can be found here.

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